Follow Up Friday

February 12, 2021

This week: Zoom captions in real time, posts you may have missed, and upcoming events

Brand-new! Zoom now has live captioning:

Screenshot of "live transcript" option in Zoom.

Now, any user with a Clemson Zoom account can turn on real time captioning for video conferencing. The meeting audio will be translated using an automatic captioning service and the captions can be viewed by all meeting participants.

To turn on live captions: click the “CC Live Transcript” button in the bottom menu, then select “Enable Auto-Transcription.” Meeting participants can then use the “CC” button to view the captions on their screen.

Zoom will also provide a transcript of the meeting, which can be reviewed and edited after the meeting has concluded. Note: If you are recording your meeting to the cloud, the standard automatic transcription will still be processed and attached to your recording as usual.

For questions about Zoom or other Clemson Online tools, see our Teaching and Learning Tools page or send an email to:

Posts you may have missed:

What’s coming up?

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