New in Canvas: Immersive Reader

March 1, 2021

Canvas at Clemson Now Features the Microsoft Immersive Reader Tool

The Immersive Reader tool enhances accessibility for persons with reading disabilities as well as those who might prefer to listen to learning content rather than (or in addition to) reading it. Its integrated design means you can find the button on all Pages within a Canvas site:

Screenshot of a Canvas page with an arrow pointing to the Immersive Reader button.

Clicking on the Immersive Reader button hides images, embedded content, and various stylizations so that users can focus on the text with fewer distractions:

Screenshot of a Canvas Page rendered through the Immersive Reader.

Clicking the “Play” button starts the audio; audio settings can be changed with the “Voice Settings” button. Users can resize and adjust the text, spacing, and colors with the three buttons at the top of the page. There is also a dictionary and a language translation tool. The Immersive Reader is available on most Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Outlook, Edge, OneNote, and Teams.

For more about using the Immersive Reader in Canvas, see: Canvas Guides How-to for Immersive Reader.

Thanks to CO’s Michelle Tuten for this information!

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