Follow Up Friday: Learner Support Resources in Your Course

August 19, 2022

Providing quick access to the resources that Clemson offers learners can be what helps a learner flourish rather than flounder.

Educational growth is multidimensional as learners not only need access to the educational materials, they need to have the resources to help them succeed academically, remain physically and mentally well, and have the support for applying their education to their chosen fields.

Below is a list of resources to include in your Canvas course site. In addition to placing these in the syllabus, create a page with brief descriptions of these resources and a link to the web pages where they can get the help they need. Slot this page into a Start Here module in your Canvas site so learners can quickly find the help they need.

The Faculty Resource Center page, resources to share with your students, is a fantastic place to check out after reviewing the types of resources you should consider having for your learners.

Screenshot of Library student resources.

Academic Success

  • Library Resources – In your Canvas site, be sure to have the Library Resources tab visible on the course navigation site. Your students will be able to access a chat box with a librarian, look up resources such as texts, style guides, and much more!
  • Accommodations – Student Accessibility Services operates under the Academic Success Center.
  • Tutoring – The Academic Success Center offers free tutoring for nearly 100 courses. Be sure to link to the Academic Success Center tutoring services and highlight that tutoring is a free service.
  • Testing – The University Testing and Education Center provides all testing needs for learners who require accommodations.

Student Life

  • Registrar – linking the Registrar student services can help learners quickly find the support they need regarding withdrawals, VA education benefits, and more!
  • Physical health, mental health, and wellbeing – Student Health Services supports learners by providing a holistic approach to health. Here learners can access the health services they require.
  • Career counseling – The Center for Career and Professional Development provides learners with services that cover resume building, finding internships, and more.
  • Veteran services – Clemson’s Military & Veteran Engagement offers support of accessing VA education benefits, the veteran student center which provides free resources, and much more.


  • Technology support – CCIT is the one-stop shop for all technical assistance. Be sure to list out services and support learners can receive from CCIT.
  • Third-party technology – For any software or program that you use in your course, and it is not supported by CCIT, you should include links to technical support, privacy statement, and accessibility statement.


In case you missed the New Instructor Conference yesterday, you should bring your laptop and swing by next week’s drop-in sessions! We have a drop-in opportunity for you if you have specific questions, and we have scheduled presentations that cover most of the content from the conference.

Check below for more details!

Upcoming Live Training Events

New Instructor Week 2022

Clemson Online will host two days for scheduled presentations as well as drop-in opportunities so you can sit down and talk with the experts. See an overview below.

Monday, August 22

Bring your laptop and meet us at Cooper Library for a drop-in, face-t0-face conversation with one of our instructional designers about your course, chat with a librarian, learn about library support systems, and take a tour of the library’s integrated technology spaces. Additionally we will be running scheduled presentations on dedicated topics. Drop-ins are in-person while the scheduled presentations are hybrid.

  • Presentation topics include:
    • Library resources for online learning
    • Introduction to Kaltura
    • iClicker Cloud and Classic
  • 9am to 2pm
  • Cooper Library, 2nd floor (two floors down from the main entrance or 4th floor)

Tuesday, August 23

Bring your laptop and meet us at the Office of Undergraduate Studies in Vickery Hall, where we are partnering with University Testing and Education Center (UTEC) to deliver more drop-in opportunities and another round of scheduled presentations.

  • Presentation topics include:
    • Library resources for online learning
    • Introduction to Kaltura
    • iClicker Cloud and Classic
  • 9am to 2pm
  • Vickery Hall, 2nd floor

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