Spring ’21 Kick-Off with CCIT and Clemson Online

January 14, 2021

Clemson Online and CCIT kicked off the start of Spring semester ’21 with in-person sessions at the Cooper Library on January 4 and 5. Each session began on the hour with a 20 minute talk about best practices for blended learning, followed by classroom tours so faculty could practice with in-classroom technologies.

The Hybrid/Blended best practices workshops were led by Dr. Lori Kinley from Clemson Online. Topics covered included:

  • Identifying Clemson-supported tools
  • Using Canvas for organizing materials, including Zoom lectures/recordings
  • Effective class communication
  • Providing detailed instructions
  • Creating meaningful engagement with learners
  • Making yourself available and present online

Following the workshops, instructors were escorted to their upcoming classroom spaces to learn about the in-class technology available and to practice using it. Over 70 instructors participated in these tours led by Clemson Online and CCIT.

For instructors unfamiliar with the new classroom technology, please visit this site to find out what type of room you are teaching in: You can also review the guide for that type of classroom.

For questions about your classroom technology, or other technology issues, contact ITHELP Support:

If you need resources for Hybrid Blended or Online Learning, visit the Faculty Resource Center:

For further online and blended hybrid teaching support, check out Clemson Online’s upcoming events, including our weekly drop-ins for instructor support:


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