Don’t Worry, Zoom is Here to Stay

April 8, 2021

On a table: a cup of coffee, a laptop opened to Zoom, and a Clemson Online notebook.

Clemson Online is here to dispel a rumor: Zoom video conferencing isn’t going anywhere! The entire Clemson community will have continued access to the Zoom desktop and mobile apps, even as we return to campus. The pandemic has changed the way the university collaborates, studies, and teaches, but we have also found creative ways to work together even as we maintain social distancing. Read on for further details about Zoom and its role in Clemson’s Return to Workplace plans.

  • Meetings: meetings can now include a Zoom link for participants who need it. Offering the video conferencing option will help faculty and staff who might not be able to find reasonable parking or who might have multiple back-to-back meetings in different locations. Allowing folks to join meetings via Zoom can remove some of these barriers.
  • Collaboration/Research: online collaborative platforms such as Zoom will continue to be used as part of the university’s continuity plans. It can be a challenge to organize meetings or find time to work on projects with an entire team, so these blended meeting options will make it easier than ever to collaborate across campus or even within departments.
  • Teaching: Zoom allows instructors to record lectures or other instructional materials that can be posted and reviewed by learners in preparation for exams or other course activities. Instructors can also use Zoom meeting rooms for virtual office hours, to allow learners who might be quarantining to still participate in class discussions, or to conduct class from any location.
  • Students: Learners can work on group projects using Zoom to collaborate, meet, discuss ideas, and more. Every Clemson student has their own Zoom account and create their own meetings. Student organizations or other groups can also use Zoom to conduct business, or to allow members of the public to virtually attend meetings.

Zoom also has a helpful add-in that allows you to schedule and manage Zoom meetings right in your Outlook calendar. It’s free and easy to do. Read the page “Zoom for Outlook add-in” from Zoom support to integrate Zoom with either the Outlook desktop app or Outlook on the web.

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