Meet the Staff: Jonathan Figueroa

March 31, 2021

Jonathan Figueroa is a Graduate Student Assistant for PEER & WISE, joining the team in 2020.

He is a proud, fellow tiger, earning his Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University. Currently, he is pursuing his Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering. One of Jonathan’s biggest accomplishments was becoming a First Generation high school and college graduate.

“To start a new legacy and build a new foundation for my family is something I could have never dreamed of. I would not be where I am today without all the amazing people that helped me along the way. That is why I chose to join the PEER & WISE family. I want to be a bridge builder for the next generation of students, to help and guide them with open arms as what was done for me.”

Favorite Quote:
“Don’t give up… don’t ever give up”
– Jim Valvano

What his co-workers have to say about him:

“Jonathan has such a great attitude and is always willing to help! He is a great asset to the PEER & WISE family.” – Maegan Hinson

“FIG! Jonathan is an immense JOY to work with! He’s got a great energy and is so supportive of our team and students.” – Beth Anne Johnson

“Jonathan is a great team player who is always willing to help where ever he can and loves PEER.” – Lisa Jackson

“Jonathan is an asset to our team. He is such an amicable, approachable person. He works hard supporting our students and the PEERWISE program.” – Francene Thomas

“I met Jonathan during his final year as an undergrad when I would see him studying or working in the PEER&WISE Main Office. Now, as a fellow grad student colleague, I appreciate Jonathan’s optimism, calm spirit, and dedication as a teammate. He is pro-active and a joy to collaborate with on projects, especially PEER&WISE Tutoring. Lastly, our Executive Director, Serita Acker, affords her professional staff and grad students alike lots of room to “grow and glow” in PEER&WISE and beyond. With this opportunity to exceed and excel, Jonathan exemplifies his creativity, forward-thinking, and “Can Do Spirit” as reflected in his assigned projects and students that he teaches.” – Karleisha Kakraba