Student Spotlight: Nicole D’Amato

March 31, 2021

Nicole D’Amato
ECE Tutor

Major: Electrical Engineering

Graduation: May 2022

Future Career Plans: “I would like to study electrical engineering further and hopefully get my PhD to teach at a college level. I hope to inspire people to become the best engineers they can be and to strive to meet their full potential.”

Biggest Impact of PEER & WISE: “It’s truly hard to note a single biggest impact that PEER WISE has had on me, when they have been with me for so long. PEER WISE is like a family that has always had my back. I’ve met mentors, my roommate, and my best friends all through PEER WISE, and the community as a whole always given me an avenue to be the best version of my current self, grow into a better self, and give back to others in the process. I truly value the fact that the PEER WISE family has and will continue to help see me through my college career. They have been life changing.”

Words of Wisdom: “Be proactive in being gracious to yourself and others. It is in loving both yourself and everyone around you that the group can shine as a whole. Life can be hard and when we take time to be genuine and giving to ourselves and others it allows us to have people behind our backs when we do stumble and fall. Teamwork and kindness can create a happy and healthy atmosphere for us and the people around us. However, this kind of atmosphere isn’t always something that happens without work. If you want to promote goodness and kindness then you have to take part of that mantle upon yourself, especially in regards to yourself. It can be hard at times, however, I have found in my own personal experience, that watching both you and the people around you have improved lives is always worth the effort.”