NSF REU Research Assistantships in summer 2021 at Houston

April 18, 2021

NSF REU Research Assistantships

Two undergraduate summer research assistantships are available at $1,600/month for three months in summer 2021 at University of Houston, Houston, TX 77204. This is funded by Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) program of National Science Foundation (NSF). The application is open to students nationwide. Potential projects include:

  1. 3D printer design. Background needed: Python, computational geometry, tool path planning.
  2. Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality application. Background needed: Unity3D programming.
  3. PLC automation and IoT. Background needed: mechatronics, Allen Bradley PLC.

Interested students please contact Dr. Weihang Zhu via email and send: a) your resume listing your relevant experience and past projects in design and manufacturing; and b) a reference letter.


NSF-UH RET site:

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