Student Highlight: N’Kya McClurkin

November 28, 2022

N’Kya McClurkin is a junior computer science major at Clemson.  She also serves as a current PEER mentor working with our freshmen engineers helping them to adjust to life at college.  She chose to attend Clemson due to the atmosphere and family vibes that Clemson is very known for.  She selected her major because of her interest in software development and her passion for creativity.  Her PEER mentor from her freshman year played a strong role in her involvement with PEER&WISE today.  They suggested N’Kya become a mentor for other students in her major so she can help them the way her mentor helped her.  Once she finishes college, she would like to pursue a career in software development or cyber security.

The PEER&WISE family is so proud of you, N’Kya!