Student Spotlight: Elizabeth Gianino

April 22, 2021

Elizabeth Gianino
Tutor (MATH, PHYS, CH)

Major: BioEngineering

Graduation: Dec 2021

Future Career Plans: “I plan to work for a large medical device corporation, somewhere out West as a research scientist and project manager. ”

Biggest Impact of PEER & WISE: “PEER&WISE has been an incredible experience for me over the past two years. It provided me the opportunity to enhance my tutoring and mentoring skills that are needed as a professional engineer and manager. I received a lot of help and guidance during my time as an undergraduate and I am grateful to pass it down so that we can continue to spread knowledge, leadership, and kindness in the Clemson and greater community. ”

Words of Wisdom: “Success isn’t measured by your outcomes but by how well you responded to your individual path it took to lead you to greatness. “