Student Spotlight: Hope Wilson

January 31, 2022

Hope Wilson is a senior Mechanical Engineering major planning to graduate in May 2022.  She is originally from Melbourne, Florida but has been a South Carolina resident since she was eight.  She enjoys oil painting and hiking in her spare time and she loves to learn new things.  She has been involved with PEER/WISE since the age of 12 when she attended Project WISE and We Do Math and has since been a counselor for Project WISE.  She has taken up roles as an office assistant and tutor for the majority of the courses in Mechanical Engineering.  She has loved every moment spent in PEER&WISE and will forever cherish the relationships it has brought her.  Originally, she was sure she would go into the automotive industry and work on things like emission control and engine design.  However, once taking part in at internship at Aerojet Rocketdyne, her goals have changed.  She will be accepting a full-time position at The Boeing Company and will begin working once she graduates in May.  She will be a Multi-Discipline Engineer, bouncing between the fields of Design Engineering and Structural Analysis.  Hope would like to continue her education by attending graduate school for a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Alabama in Huntsville while she is working for Boeing.  Hope’s educational journey has been a change from high school to where she is at in college now.  She had to learned how to actually do school and how to study, like many others.  The courses she’s taken have been very difficult but she pushed through in order to succeed in reaching her goals.  Her perseverance has made her a better student and overall more confident in herself and her abilities.  Her advice to other students would be to never doubt yourself or think negatively about what you may or may not be able to accomplish.  Patience and drive will get you to where you want and to make the most of life, you have to be persistent and adapt to change. “Doubting yourself in your endeavors will only bring you down, so keep your head high and always think about the positives. Also, ask those “dumb” questions, that’s another bit of advice. Nine times out of ten there’s someone else thinking the exact same thing. “