Student Spotlight: Preston Pettway

February 14, 2022

Preston Pettway is a sophomore industrial engineering major from Anderson, South Carolina.  He graduated T.L. High School as a two sport athlete, playing both football and basketball.  During his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, video games, and hanging out with his friends.  His older brother and father both attended Clemson University and his brother, Kendal Pettway, was also involved in PEER&WISE.  Preston participated in the PEER&WISE summer program and is also a PEER mentor presently.  His future goals are just to make a difference and be a role model for the younger generations of his family.  He wants to make the best of every opportunity presented to him and one day work a job which he loves and enjoys doing.  His advice for others is “life goes on, you may be caught in a moment but life is still going to move whether you want it to or not.”