Grain Combine Yield Monitor Calibration

July 22, 2021

As we continue to progress through the growing season, many growers are beginning to service and set up equipment for corn harvest. This is an excellent time to check yield monitor components if you wish to collect and record yield data. The July 19th crop progress report for South Carolina estimates that 26% of the corn in the state is mature or has reached the black layer, and grain moisture is now beginning to dry down. With that being said, if you wish to collect yield data off of your farm this harvest, ensuring that your yield monitor is properly working and calibrated is essential for accurate data collection.

Benefits of generating yield data include product assessment, making future management decisions, or record keeping. For example, if you planted multiple hybrids in a field and wish to compare grain yield; if you applied or sprayed product A vs. B in a field or across a farm and want to quantify any benefit from the application or not.

Clemson University Extension has published a publication on things to consider and how to accurately calibrate a grain combine yield monitor. This guide is published through the Land Grant Press and can be found at this link:

If Clemson Extension can provide any assistance with combine yield monitor calibration, please contact your local county agent.