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Composting Resources for Educators

An informal survey on our Facebook page this week revealed that many educators are interested in teaching composting to their students. Composting is a fun “real world” activity with many cross-curricular connections.  We have compiled a few favorite curriculum links and some general composting information here.

Curriculum K-5

National Agriculture in The Classroom:

“The Rotten Truth” is just one of a treasure trove of lessons to be found in the National Agriculture in The Classroom curriculum matrix.  These lessons are so chock full of information, try using them as mini-units.  Consider hosting “compost week” while students are at home.

Worm Composting In Your Classroom:

Check out the lab activities section for easily adaptable home-based lessons.

Curriculum K-12

Do The Rot Thing offers several composting lessons for grades K-12. Try these fun lessons at home with or without the reproducible worksheets.

Food Waste Curriculum

Food Waste Information

Purdue University offers a series of educational units geared towards grades K-5.  Many of these lessons are scaleable up to middle and high school standards. Each unit has multiple links and resources to help students tackle the complex issue of food waste and food waste reduction.

Basic Composting Information and Tips:


Composting Tips

Worm Composting

If at any time you need assistance bringing composting to your e-learning classrooms, please remember Clemson Extension agents are working to help South Carolina teachers, parents, and students even amid the COVID-19 shutdowns.

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