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Composting Resources for Educators

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An informal survey on our Facebook page this week revealed that many educators are interested in teaching composting to their students. Composting is a fun “real world” activity with many cross-curricular connections.  We have compiled a few favorite curriculum links and some general composting information here. Curriculum K-5 National Agriculture in The Classroom: “The Rotten […]

STEM-Based Learning Through Hydroponics

Before learning we would be spending the next few weeks at home, our office was experimenting with growing vegetables and herbs using hydroponics. Hydroponics is a growing method that uses mineral nutrients in the water to grow plants either horizontally or vertically.  We chose to learn about vertical hydroponics since it is compact and with […]

Vegetable Stir Fry From The Garden

vegetable stir fry cooking on stove

Today  I made a vegetarian Asian stir fry for lunch using four of the vegetables commonly grown in school gardens.  Even though school is out, many of the vegetables including carrots, broccoli, peas, and onions are still available in grocery stores or from local farmers.  This easy recipe can also be whipped up with any […]

Making Luffa Soap

child holding luffa soap

In an HGIC blog post earlier this year, I shared how easy it is to grow luffas (  Turning your harvested luffas into soaps is a fun and easy craft project for all ages. Use the finished scrubbers in the tub, shower or to remove garden grime from hands.  The finished project may also be […]

Worm Composting Might Be Your Favorite New Hobby

Worm composting is a great hobby that enhances the beauty of your garden while helping the environment. If you love to cook and garden, worm composting might be your new favorite hobby! Why worm compost? Composting is beneficial in many ways, but the two big ones are reducing food waste going to the landfill and […]