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Resources for Community Gardeners-Growing Fall Vegetables

In my last blog post I shared some resources for starting a community garden, this week I would like to share a some resources that will help in planning and growing vegetables this fall.

The first place any gardener should start is with the Clemson Extension Home & Garden Information Center.   From soil testing to disease and insect management, the HGIC is a wonderful resource for all gardeners in South Carolina.  One of the most popular and useful factsheets is #1256,  “Planning A Garden”,  it is absolutely full of useful information for vegetable gardeners.  The first several pages are packed with tips and information including growing regions across the state and links to other factsheets such as #1257 Raised Beds and growing veggies in containers.  The last few pages include charts with dates to plant popular crops for both spring and fall in each growing region of the state.  The final page offers a concise chart with spacing, harvest times and recommended planting depths from asparagus to zucchini.

It may surprise gardeners new to South Carolina that fall is one of the most productive seasons for growing a variety of vegetables.  In fact, August is a great time to plant a second round of warm season crops such as green beans and summer squash.  With shorter days and cooler evening temps, fall is also the perfect time plant root veggies and leafy crops like spinach and lettuce.  To learn more, check out this article I wrote on shoulder seasons several years ago for South Carolina Living Magazine- Catapult Your Garden Into Shoulder Season.

Garden carrot harvest. Photo Credit: Beth McCall

If the weeds and pests in your community garden have grown out of control, Clemson Extension Horticulture Agent, Zack Snipes offers some great tips in this Clemson University Home & Garden Information Center Hot Topic “Planning for Fall Gardening Success…Now”.

Enjoy the cooler temps and the time spent gardening with your friends, neighbors and colleagues!

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