Students named for fall football design team

July 6, 2020

Approaching its fourth semester at the Sonoco Institute, a Creative Inquiry (CI) known as “All In: Football Recruiting Design,” led by packaging lecturer Haley Appleby, collaborates with Clemson Athletics to develop innovative marketing materials for football recruiting. Each semester, Clemson students are interviewed and selected based on their exceptional design portfolios. Students were recently selected for the fall semester.

“The goal for the fall is to continue to deliver exceptional, functional designs that help recruit top talent to Clemson Football,” said Appleby. “As always, we hope that our team will continue to raise the bar and surpass the excellence delivered from our team this past spring.”

Students selected for the Fall 2020 term include:

  • Holly Kerr, Graphic Communications
  • Allison Killinger, Graphic Communications
  • Julia Pruitt, Graphic Communications
  • Nicholas Leach, Packaging Science
  • Zara Silva-Landry, Architecture
  • Ethan Hajas, Graphic Communications
  • David Rypkema, Architecture
  • Henry Lopez, Packaging Science

“I am so excited to get back to working on projects with the best team and to see what we are able to come up with that pushes our technical and creative abilities even farther for next year’s recruiting class,” said Pruitt, a returning team member.

Lopez, a new team member, added, “I’m excited to develop my packaging design skills while learning more about Clemson Football. This CI is a great opportunity to collaborate with a set of diversely skilled students and mentors.”

The Sonoco Institute looks forward to lending its resources to the creativity of the Fall 2020 team. Students can learn more about creative inquiries and apply for future semesters here.

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