Rising packaging senior shares AICC design

May 5, 2020

A photo of Maya Lange, packaging senior

Rising packaging senior, Maya Lange, shares about her team’s packaging design process for the AICC Student Packaging Design Competition, as well as some distance learning takeaways from the spring semester.A visual of the UNDER PAR package design




Sonoco Institute (SI): What is the packaging project you were working on this spring and did the final deliverable have to change at all since the move to online?

Maya Lange (ML): My team competed in the AICC structural design challenge. Sadly, due to us being at home, we couldn’t perform the drop test portion of the competition.

AICC student packaging team

SI: Were any Sonoco Institute resources being utilized earlier in the semester? How has not having access to those resources been a challenge?

ML: Before Spring Break we had access to the Fujifilm digital printer and Esko Kongsberg cutter in the Sonoco Institute’s prototyping lab. We were able to create our first prototype and then use it as inspiration for our redesign that we are submitting before June.

SI: Have there been any challenges to remote learning? Any Successes?

ML: The hardest part for me was having enough wifi to access and submit assignments. I have had to work with my family to make a schedule of who can use the internet and when. I have learned teachers want you to succeed and stay safe. When I informed them about having to take my e-learning classes from my car in the church parking lot, they were quick to provide solutions. The biggest success was having access to Zoom. It allowed us to screen-share and has given me a reason to not stay in my PJs all day.

Clemson Online announces free licensed Zoom accounts for faculty, staff and students.

SI: What have been some key takeaways for you throughout this process?

ML: I have learned that working from home has added distractions and restrictions, so we all need to be patient. I have also taken away that the Clemson CCIT department offers hotspots for students like myself who need better internet.

VIDEO: AICC submission, “UNDER PAR”

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