Socially-distanced flexography at FTA fall conference

August 18, 2020

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Sonoco Institute staff will be participating in FTA’s upcoming Virtual Fall Conference 2020 during a session titled, “Moving Through Reality with Virtual Help” at 11:30 a.m. EST on Monday, Oct. 5. Bobby Congdon, assistant director of the Sonoco Institute, is co-chairing the session with Clemson alum, Marcy Southern, PPC Flexible Packaging. Nate Newsome, Clemson virtual reality researcher and developer, will be speaking during the session about the institute’s STRIPE VR platform and its companion online version. STRIPE VR is a simulated pressroom environment for training up the next generation of flexographers. The online version was launched earlier this year to provide at-home training during the pandemic.

Click here to learn more about the session and register for the virtual fall conference.

Bobby Congdon

Bobby Congdon, session co-chair

Nate Newsome

Nate Newsome, speaker

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