Student Spotlight: Zackary Dotson

April 5, 2021

Student Spotlight

Zackary Dotson, Graphic Communications Student, Clemson University

Zackary Dotson is a Graphic Communications undergrad working in the Sonoco Institute’s Advanced Print Technologies Lab as a pressroom assistant. Only two semesters away from graduating, we connected with Dotson to hear about his Clemson experiences and plans for the future!

Sonoco Institute (SI): Tell us about some of the things you have going on at Clemson and the Sonoco Institute.

Zackary Dotson (ZD): I’m currently getting ready to participate in my second GC internship over the summer and then finish out my last two semesters before graduation. At the Sonoco Institute, I’ve been working with the online streaming and video setup in the print lab. I’ve had a blast being able to work on the production and see our setup evolve over the past few months.

SI: What made you choose a degree in Graphic Communications? Do you have any emphases?

ZD: I would say my passion for design and desire for creativity are what drove me towards Graphic Communications. The sky’s the limit with creativity in the GC field and the Graphic Communications department provides an excellent atmosphere for developing skills and discovering passions. I currently don’t have an emphasis, but I do love the digital side of GC!

SI: When do you expect to graduate and do you have any post-grad goals? What about dream job(s)?

ZD: If all goes well, I hope to be graduating Spring 2022. As of right now, I’d love to pursue a career in videography after graduating. A dream job for me would be working with post-production on TV shows or movies!

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