South Carolina Review Volume 53.2, Spring 2021

April 2, 2021

SCR Issue 53.2 includes poetry by Stella Wong, and Sheila Black, with fiction by Marlin Barton, Tracy Lien, and Dany Salvatierra, and features our Ronald Moran Prize winners Lauren Morrow (fiction) and Denise Jarrott (poetry).



1 ELLA FLORES North American Tectonic Plate Realizes It Can Speak, Tries 

11 DENISE JARROTT; Cash Tender Total, Tea Rose Nightgown 

27 HANNAH MARSHALL We Were Naked, We Were Horses 

28 SHEILA BLACK Heartbreak 

37 DIAMOND FORDE Ars Poetica with Snow Globes; Without Hunger 

44 TERRY L. KENNEDY Uneasiness Is What  

45 DANIEL GLEASON My Childen Understand that the Laminator is a Sacred Object 

50 STELLA WONG Pyramid Scheme; Multiple Worlds Interpretation; To Scare Men 

65 LAURA OHLMANN Back to Nineteen Ninety-Four 


81 DARREN DEMAREE Emily as Soft Answer  

88 ASHLEY ROBLES Procession 

106 SUJASH PURNA Story City  

108 JULIE E. BLOEMEKE After Emily Carr’s The Raven 1928–1929 

112 JOHN SIBLEY WILLIAMS The Moon Is Two Half-Moons Joined Together

120 AMY GAETA ER; Drone 

131 ANNA NEWMAN This or that 

32 BEATRICE SZYMKOWIAK Through the Window Outside my Lungs; Eagle Creek Fire 

142 AMBALILA HEMSELL Hydrangea Blue; Sex in the Anthropocene 

152 ALISHA YI White Morning

152 ALISHA YI White Morning


2 JESSE MOTTE Woof Woof, Bow Wow 

16 LAUREN MORROW Bodies of Water

30 DANY SALVATIERRA Pick Up the Phone Right Now 

40 JESSICA LEE RICHARDSON The Game Before Hart Goes 

46 JOE FARLEY To a Band I Loved 

54 TRACEY LIEN Temblors 

66 CASEY MCCONAHAY This Is How You Get There 


90 MARLIN BARTON Up a River 

109 ELIZABETH KIRSCHNER Make Lasting Friends 

114 JOHN FULTON Winter Drive 

123 ROB SWIGART Floater 

134 DAVID HANSEN Three Welsh Names 

144 CHARLI SPIER Sandwich Architecture 


154 JULIA KOETS The Pleasure of Digression: Michael Griffith’s The Speaking Stone: Stories Cemeteries Tell 

157 SKIP EISIMINGER When Light and Dark Merge: John Lane’s Whose Woods These Are  

160 GORDON VAN NESS Touch Without Touch: Julie E. Bloemeke’s Slide to Unlock