Tigers United

*New* Team Up for Conservation K-12 Curriculum

Free activities for littles foster understanding of apex predators and the natural world Tigers United’s Team Up For Tigers curriculum has a new companion curriculum developed by Clemson University’s Nature as Teacher Education Director, Leoncia Cruz, called Team Up for Conservation with outdoor activities that connect tiger conservation and environmental stewardship themes in South Carolina. Photos […]

Missouri scientists map tiger genome

The Bengal tiger was one of five feline lineages compared to gives a comprehensive look at genome sequence structures that could have driven the evolution of distinct cat species. This new reference genome is comparable to the human genome in terms of its completeness, and could be used to for feline veterinary precision health. Denise […]

Global Tiger Forum announces increase in wild tiger numbers

Wild tiger numbers increase globally: Global Tiger Recovery Program 2.0 launched to strengthen tiger governance across tiger range countries, while the first tiger reserve of South East Asia is declared in Malaysia. Wild tiger numbers have registered an overall increase in several tiger range countries (almost 5574). The status is optimal in tiger range countries […]

Eric Dinerstein honored at Clemson Hartzog luncheon

Dinerstein accepts his award on Oct. 4

On October 4, Eric Dinerstein, Ph.D., director of WildTech and the Biodiversity and Wildlife Solutions Program at RESOLVE, was honored with the Benton H. Box Award by Clemson’s Institute for Parks and Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management (PRTM) department for his work on TrailGuard AI. Robert Baldwin, Ph.D., and Jeremy Dertien, Ph.D., at Clemson University […]

Summer 2022 Consoritum Updates

It has been a whirlwind summer with much tiger conservation activity going on at the four universities! Check out some of our recent news, below. LSU’s Tiger Athletic Foundation to fund graduate student conducting genetic research on tigers Click here to read more. Saving tigers from extinction requires many hands as Clemson faculty return from […]

Road to Vladivostok: Varma answers your questions

You asked; we answered. Below are answers to questions posted in our first installment of the Road to Vladivostok webinar series. Keshav Varma, CEO of the Global Tiger Initiative, debuted the series in February.   1.  Keshav, can you talk about the impact of the Covid pandemic on tiger conservation in Asia? As we understand, the […]

Tigers United announces webinar series, “The Road to Vladivostok”

By Rachelle Beckner “That face is still in my mind,” Keshav Varma shared with us as he recounted a tale from his childhood about Old Uncle. Old Uncle is not a strong male figure in Varma’s family, but, rather, a tiger that visited a river near the Varma family farm every day. Varma came to […]

Education, research at heart of Tigers United mission

Majestic. Powerful. Fierce. Beautiful. Tigers are all of these, yet they remain critically endangered. Did you know that in 1900, more than 100,000 tigers roamed over most of the Asian continent? Today, that number is fewer than 4,000, after their habitat has declined by 93%. As a tiger mascot university, Clemson University is leading the […]