September General Education Committee – an update

September 30, 2020

What is the General Education Committee working on this year?

Great question!

  1. We expect this semester to bring to fruition the last of the major pieces of a general education curriculum revision, as originally intended in the ClemsonForward strategic plan. We’ve already engaged a number of faculty, students, and staff in the “Challenges” plans and updates, and are moving forward with a proposal and transition plan to UCC (Undergraduate Curriculum Committee) this semester. That plan will be posted on this blog as soon as it is ready.
  2. We analyzed our committee composition and will be making a recommendation to the Faculty Senate Policies Committee to add the rank of Principle Lecturer.
  3. Assessment of student learning outcomes for Arts/Humanities and Social Sciences will occur this year, in accordance with our assessment plan.
  4. We will be conducting regular review of the courses that fulfill our student learning outcome areas. Last year, the Communication (Oral and Written) area was reviewed. This year, we would like to review Mathematics and Natural Sciences, which is all done through Curriculog and is open and transparent. Department chairs and department curriculum committee chairs will be contacted when the review calendar is set.
  5. The August 2020 General Education Program retreat was postponed due to the necessity of COVID-related pedagogical shifts. We will be planning a make-up event in November and will share dates, details, and virtual meeting sign-up links as soon as they are available.
  6. We have been exploring the opportunity of an Information Literacy student learning outcome for our general education curriculum. Nearly 76% of higher ed institutions have Information Literacy as an institutional learning outcome. Do we believe that this should be an add-on to a current general education student learning outcome area, or should it be a distributed outcome similar to the Office of Global Engagement’s Global Competency Outcomes? Discussion and deliberations will ensue.


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