Moving to Implementation in Spring 2021

February 1, 2021

The re-envisioning of our Clemson General Education curriculum has reached an important milestone!

We have created a new model entitled “Crossings.” New students in fall 2022 will be following the new curriculum.

This is an image showing two lines crossing each other. It is decorative only.

We will be moving forward with a new learning outcome area focused on Global Challenges – global, local, regional, national, international, virtual or philosophical. We have strengthened our Ways of Knowing (disciplinary courses in arts & humanities, mathematics, natural science, and social sciences) and Communication student learning outcomes and courses. We have created a productive assessment plan, and we have created opportunities for professional teaching development with OTEI.

These are great milestones, but we still have a lot to collectively accomplish! It’s time to move to a new home. (**Update – the new home is We are working now on creating a new website to communicate information and opportunities to students, faculty, advisors, staff, parents, transfer partners, and more. Stay tuned for a launch in March 2021.

As always, thank you to the 600+ colleagues who have contributed to and shaped our collective work.

If you have questions or comments in the mean time, please contact Associate Dean Dr. Bridget Trogden (