New Savannah River Photographic Survey Exhibit Opening, March 7

March 7, 2014


Anderson Wrangle

Savannah River Photographic Survey Exhibit

Photographs by Anderson Wrangle,

Associate Professor of Art, Photography

Sikes Hall, Ground Floor at Clemson University

Currently Exhibiting until March 27, 2015

The Center for Visual Arts – Lee Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of a faculty solo exhibition, March 7, 2014. The exhibit showcases a funded research project pursued by associate art professor of photography, Anderson Wrangle. The series is a photographic survey of the rivers, dams, and lakes in the mountain and Piedmont portions of the Savannah River basin and watershed to the coast.

This exhibit showcases the Savannah River’s origin in the Chattooga River, which flows into Lake Hartwell, producing the Seneca and Tugaloo Rivers. He also documents the network of rivers in southwest North Carolina, northwest South Carolina, and northwest Georgia.

The artistic pursuit and process was an integral part of this intimate documentation; the artist hiked, backpacked, traveled, and canoed in a hand-crafted boat, designed specifically for the project in order to experience and become familiar with the river. The river’s erosive and life-giving impact is highlighted in the exhibition.  Wrangle captures and personifies both the almighty dam that keeps the powers of the water at bay and the smooth, quieting stones the gentle streams glide over. Besides the approach of an exploratory endeavor, the project is unique in the artist’s use of a large, format, color film and use of a 1952 Deardorff wood 4×5 field camera.

The project was funded in part with a seed grant from the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities Research and the Friends of the Center for Visual Arts. This exhibit will première the prominent new exhibit space on the ground floor of Sikes Hall as part of a Lee Gallery and student run initiative to bring art to the student body and make visual work accessible across campus. It will be the first of many semester rotations of visual art student and faculty creative research.

Artist talks and receptions are free and open to the public because of generous donation to the Center for Visual Arts, more information about the exhibit contact Lee Gallery Director, Denise Woodward-Detrich at


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