Passport to the Arts combines art and technology

February 2, 2018



Media Release

The Lee Gallery at the Clemson University Center for Visual Arts and the Arts Center of Clemson will host the popular and unique celebration of the arts with the signature town-gown event “Passport to the Arts” 6-9:30 p.m. March 2.

Now, in its eighth year, Passport to the Arts, which continues to see a sold out crowd year after year, remains to be an exciting and popular “Town and Gown” event. Join the Lee Gallery and the Arts Center of Clemson as they host an evening full of art, entertainers, live music, drinks and exceptional food showcased at four different locations.

This event highlights the incredible local talent housed in the town of Clemson and surrounding area. Clemson celebrates its longtime standing as one of the top town-gown relations according to The Princeton Review. Attendees and area businesses have supported the event that is truly an exceptional evening highlighting the beauty of this nationally renowned relationship.

Attendees receive a “passport” at an announced starting location, and stamp their books at several venues as they travel through Clemson on provided transportation. Many of the pieces are on sale and being debuted for the first time in the four gallery venues. Additional highlights from this year’s event will be the integration of student digital art that celebrates the intersection of art and technology in the Watt Family Innovation Center. All attendees also will have opportunity to engage with the many offerings of the Center such as creating their own virtual reality art through the Immersion Space.

At each new venue, a new batch of local food, music, art, and creativity will be on display. During Passport to the Arts, entertainment is at every turn — even on the shuttle; local musicians greet you with their talents as you travel through Clemson. This innovative combination of art and entertainment has made Passport to the Arts the “Town and Gown” event of the year.

Clemson Area Transit (CAT) offers transportation for the Passport to the Arts tour. All shuttles feature entertainment, making the ride to each venue a destination in itself. The locations this year include The Arts Center of Clemson, the Clemson Area Transit facility, Lee Gallery at the Clemson University Center for Visual Arts and Watt Family Innovation Center.

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Current event partners and sponsors

The following businesses make this event possible: Clemson Area Transit, Clemson Downs, Isaaqueena Pediatric Dentistry, PrintSmart, Watt Family Center for Innovation.