Andy Warhol Portraits and The Everyday Exhibit in the Lee Gallery

January 22, 2019

Andy Warhol Portraits & The Everyday     January 22 – March 6 2019

“Warhol: Portraits and the Everyday” showcases the artist’s practice through three distinct but related platforms: Polaroid portraits; black-and-white photographs; and his large, colorful, screen-printed portraits. By bringing these three creative pursuits together in one gallery, viewers will get a snapshot of Warhol’s fluid approach to art and life.

Warhol’s Polaroid portraits of celebrities, couples and individuals were created as resource material for his larger commissioned screen prints. The collection of Polaroids in the exhibit present individuals in repeated but slightly different positions as directed by Warhol during their photo sessions. When viewed together, the Polaroids reveal subtle changes of expressions by the sitters. They also provide a thought-provoking counterpoint to the current fascination with selfies and the mediated presentations of identity through social media platforms.

Works by Andy Warhol

Warhol portrait of Queen Beatrix.

“Portrait of Queen Beatrix”

Warhol gallery installation view.

Warhol Installation View

A second Warhol gallery installation view.

Warhol Installation View