Free Web Accessibility Tester Training

January 28, 2019

[NOTICE: The registration page for this event says that the training will be over at 3:30, but we’ve received an agenda saying that it could last until 4:30. Please plan accordingly.]

Access South Carolina IT (ASCIT) is providing a free training seminar to those interested in testing websites and digital content for accessibility issues.

ASCIT has crafted this training so that persons of all levels of technical experience should be able to learn from it. In other words, you should not need to know HTML, CSS, or other programming languages in order to understand what is being taught. To learn more, see ASCIT’s event detail page which includes a link to the schedule.

This training has a virtual attendance option for those who do not want to travel to Columbia, SC. Also, we are in the process of finding a place on Clemson’s campus where virtual attendees who prefer a face-to-face experience may gather.

If you are interested in joining the Clemson campus gathering, please inform Michelle Tuten ( and indicate how comfortable you are with attending virtually if the room has already met capacity. Michelle will follow up with you.

No matter how you attend, please be sure to fill out ASCIT’s registration page. If you are planning to join the Clemson campus gathering, please register as an online participant.

Also, if you’re eager to start checking the accessibility of your digital content, Clemson’s Accessibility Portal has a page on Do-It-Yourself Digital Accessibility Auditing that can help you get started.

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