School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences


Hickok Cole’s Thomas Corrado

February 2, 2024

The Glenn Department of Civil Engineering and the Nieri Department of Construction, Development, and Planning hosted a Distinguished Lecture presented by Thomas Corrado, Associate Principal and Senior Project Designer at Hickok Cole on February 2nd at the Watt Family Innovation Center.  His lecture discussed the 80 M Street building, Washington D.C.’s first mass-timber commercial renovation project.  

Tom Corrado has over twenty years of design experience. His holistic approach emphasizes a synergy between a building’s function and how it’s experienced by its users.  His most recent obsession is mainstreaming mass timber, a material he feels has the capacity to completely alter the way we design, construct, and experience buildings.  Tom is a member of the American Institute of Architecture and is LEED AP certified.  He graduated from Clemson University with both a Bachelor of Science in Design and a Master of Science in Architecture.