Pioneering researcher joins chemistry department

March 8, 2019

The Department of Chemistry is pleased to announce that Dr. Byoungmoo Kim has accepted the tenure-track position of Assistant Professor. Dr. Kim will join Clemson on the Fall semester.

As a postdoctoral researcher at Yale University, Dr. Kim pioneered the development of chiral, peptide-based ligands for transition metals and applied them to challenging enantioselective cross-coupling reactions of drug-like compounds via remote asymmetric induction. He also discovered and studied unique molecules bearing a carbon stereocenter that enantiomerize in a fundamentally distinct pathway. Dr. Kim said that his research has “cultivated in me an eagerness to pioneer new and exciting chemistries, contribute to interdisciplinary programs, and foster an intellectually stimulating culture. I am eager to embark on this journey with Clemson University.”

Dr. Kim received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Toronto in 2014.

Dr. Byoungmoo Kim (right) poses with Drs. Carlos Garcia and Bill Pennington.