Chemistry department honors some of its best students

April 15, 2019

Following an annual tradition,  the Department of Chemistry held its 2018 Student Honors and Awards ceremony on April 13 in the Auditorium of Hunter Hall.

“Our students worked very hard for many years and we would like to recognize not only their efforts but also the incredible support from their families and friends” said Bill Pennington, chair of the department of chemistry and professor of inorganic chemistry at Clemson University.

For Anthony Spyropoulos, recipient of the American Institute of Chemists Award, this was a particularly important milestone. His father, who was present at the event, had also received the award back in 1981 from the University of Maryland.

Without a question, this is one of the most important days for the Department and we are extremely proud of their accomplishments.

The recipients of this year’s awards are:

1. Outstanding Student in General Chemistry Award
Megan Noonan
2. Outstanding Student in Introductory Chemistry Award
Isabell Boomhower
3. Chemical Rubber Company Award
Pamela Bretscher
4. Outstanding Student in Organic Chemistry Award
Ashley Jacoby
5. Houghton Mifflin/ICUC First Year Chemistry Award
Nicholas Coradi
6. Outstanding Sophomore Chemistry Major Award
Judson (Blake) Parker
7. Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry
Harrison Howell
8. Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry
Joseph Ondus
9. Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry
Victoria Iannelli
10. Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry
Mary Lentz
11. American Institute of Chemists Award
Anthony Spyropoulos
12. Merck Index Award
Morgan Duffy
13. Senior Researcher Award
Lauren Skrajewski
14. Chemistry Faculty Award
Rebecca Fantone
15. American Chemical Society Award
Rebecca Fantone
16. Chemistry Outreach Award
Katherine Youmans
17. Graduate Faculty Award
Monica Gordillo
18. Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award in Chemistry
Tatiana Estrada-Mendoza and Erina Mills
19. Outstanding Graduate Researcher Award in Chemistry
Chandima Narangoda
20. Warwick Chemical Foundation Award in Chemistry
Laura McCann
21. Mark Bernhard Hardin Award in Chemistry
Monica Spritzky

If you want to see all the pictures from the event, please visit this link.





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