2021 Chemistry Department Student Awardees

April 13, 2021


Please join us in congratulating the 2021 Chemistry Department Student Awardees. Since we are unable to hold our annual honors and awards ceremony this year, I hope you will take the time to congratulate any of the honorees that you might know, so that they will understand that their accomplishments are still being celebrated within the department.   We would also like to thank the work of the selection committee (Drs. Stephen Schvaneveldt, Vivian Ezeh, Byoungmoo Kim, James Plampin, Rhett Smith, Thao Tran, and Modi Wetzler).


1. Outstanding Student in General Chemistry Award 

  • Olivia Ambre
  • Daniel Labrador

2. Outstanding Student in Introductory Chemistry Award 

  • Adele Veldekens

3. Chemical Rubber Company Award 

  • Annie Buck

4. Outstanding Student in Organic Chemistry Award 

  • Jamie Schweitzer

5. Houghton Mifflin/ICUC First Year Chemistry Award 

  • Lauren Ulisse
  • Cassidy Walsh

6. Outstanding Sophomore Chemistry Major Award 

  • Kayla Lea

7. Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry 

  • Pavel Herman

8. Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry 

  • Eric Guo

9. Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry 

  • Grace Anderson

10. Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry 

  • Sydney Satchell

11. American Institute of Chemists Award 

  • Matthew Cullen

12. Merck Index Award 

  • Nia Grant

13. Senior Researcher Award 

  • Blake Parker

14. Chemistry Faculty Award 

  • Morgan Merriman
  • Johnathan Phillips

15. American Chemical Society Award 

  • Arielle Relich

16. Chemistry Outreach Award 

  • Tatiana Estrada-Mendoza

17. Graduate Faculty Award 

  • Katja Hall
  • Austin Seilkop

18. Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award in Chemistry 

  • Kyle Beard
  • Lacey Billotto
  • Paul Priego

19. Outstanding Graduate Researcher Award in Chemistry 

  • Hiu Xu

20. Warwick Chemical Foundation Award in Chemistry 

  • Victoria Iannelli

21. Mark Bernhard Hardin Award in Chemistry 

Harrison Howell