Clemson Division of Research

A Note on International Research from Provost Bob Jones and Vice President for Research Tanju Karanfil

Dear Colleagues,

The federal government is increasingly concerned with attempts from foreign governments to unduly influence and exploit U.S.-funded research and is taking steps to protect our research integrity and intellectual capital.

International research engagements support the free exchange of ideas that has been central to our successes in scholarship and discovery, but we must make sure these engagements are conducted securely, transparently and ethically. Research integrity is paramount to our mission as educators and researchers.

The Division of Research has compiled a Guidance for Managing International Relationships and Activities to share recent statements from federal funding agencies, as well as information on federal policies and disclosure requirements. We encourage you to view that guidance and bookmark this webpage here. This guidance serves to help you navigate successful international research engagements.

This matter continues to evolve. The newly established Joint Committee on the Research Environment (JCORE) is coordinating federal agency activities and policies regarding research security. This includes establishing and coordinating disclosure requirements for participation in federally funded research and developing best practices for academic research institutions. JCORE also will be sharing a list of examples to help us understand the various ways research can be exploited or compromised.

We will be monitoring this closely and sharing new information with you as it becomes available.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about international research, please contact Tami Hemingway, Director, Office of Export Compliance and Research Security, at


Robert H. Jones                                                          Tanju Karanfil
Executive Vice President for                                         Vice President for Research
Academic Affairs and Provost                                       Clemson University, Division of Research