Clemson Division of Research

April 2018: Recognizing Research; Building Collaborations

To become one of the nation’s premiere research institutions, we must break down silos and work collaboratively – with our peers, with industry and with each other. Solutions to complex global problems require new knowledge created by collaborative, interdisciplinary teams of scientists with unique perspectives and ideas. We are collectively building these teams at Clemson, […]

March 2018: Be ready when opportunity arises

Be ready when opportunity arises Following decades of steady increases, federal R&D funding hit a plateau in 2011 as Congress cut discretionary spending as part of the Budget Control Act. This year, however, Congress and President Trump have discussed a budget deal that would raise the discretionary spending caps by $143 billion in fiscal year […]

Funding available for equipment, hiring research faculty

Laine Mears, the BMW SmartState Chair in Automotive Manufacturing, was one of the recipients of a Clemson Research Fellows grant last fiscal year.

The Division of Research is accepting applications for grants to assist in the purchase of major research equipment or in the hiring of research faculty and post-doctoral researchers. Funding is available through the Clemson Research Fellows and Clemson Major Research Instrumentation programs, two of four R-Initiative funding opportunities available this semester to spur collaborative research and boost […]