Clemson Division of Research

Clemson invests $1.9M in R-Initiatives

Clemson University associate professor of plant and environmental sciences Christopher Saski (left) is among the recipients of this year

The Division of Research has awarded nearly $1.9 million through its R-Initiative programs to support projects involving 67 faculty members from 27 departments. The funding fosters cross-disciplinary, team-focused research and lays a foundation for future success with support for faculty and infrastructure investments to make that work possible. “The R-Initiative proposals were competitive and we […]

June 2018: Don’t rest on past success

In the past four years, we have seen unprecedented growth in our research enterprise. Grant awards hit an all-time high of $109 million in the 2017 academic year, an astonishing 40 percent increase over a four-year period. With two months remaining in the current fiscal year, we have already exceeded last year’s totals, reaching $118 […]

CURF adds two team members

Alan Alfano

The Clemson University Research Foundation welcomes Dr. Alan Alfano and Clarissa Williams to its team. Alan will be working as a technology commercialization officer (TCO) with Clemson inventors on biomedical, bioengineering, and life sciences technologies, among others. Clarissa will serve as CURF marketing manager, working to help CURF launch new marketing initiatives. Alan completed a dual […]

Project Based Pay Confirmation Process to soon replace the CLEAR effort reporting system 

Beginning mid-August 2018, principal investigators (PI’s) and faculty of sponsored projects awarded to Clemson University will see an improved method of verifying pay charged toward sponsored project and federal land grant activities. The new system, Sponsored Compensation Verification System, incorporates the exceptional feedback received by our project team from faculty, staff, and current certifiers of […]