Perspectives: Brooke Skelley ‘15

August 7, 2020

Perspectives sessions serve as a mechanism to build bridges between our current undergraduates in the Department of Communication and young alumni who have blazed new trails in the professional world and are seeing success in their early- to mid-career endeavors. We invite all current students, faculty, and staff to attend our virtual sessions. If you would like to be involved or learn more, please contact

Brooke Skelley

Brooke Skelley earned her BA in Communication from Clemson University in 2015. She currently serves as the Director of Marketing and Communications for the Tampa Bay Super Bowl LV Host Committee in Tampa, Florida.

Her journey towards her current position with the Super Bowl LV Host Committee began when she chose to switch her major to Communication following her junior year and explore what the field had to offer. She was determined to work in the world of sport and encourages students to always be willing and ready to volunteer or work in jobs to gain the experience necessary to stand-out and become a marketable candidate. Additionally, Brooke emphasizes the importance of networking and being kind, eager and professional across all interactions. She used these skills that led to her success and helps students following her path to do the same.

Watch the video below for a full recap of Brooke’s journey and the advice she has for Clemson Communication students and recent graduates.


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