Meet the Department: Dr. Travers Scott

February 3, 2021

Although we may be limited in our interactions, we definitely do not want to be strangers. Our Meet the Department series hopes to introduce you to our faculty and staff that support our undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Communication.

Meet: Dr. Travers Scott 

Travers Scott

The next faculty member we would like to introduce you to is Dr. Travers Scott, Associate Professor, and researcher in the Department of Communication.

After earning his graduate degrees on the west coast, Dr. Scott began teaching here at Clemson in 2010. Throughout his tenure, Dr. Scott has done research in many aspects of communication such as cultural, American, history, feminist, gender, and sexuality studies. 

Dr. Scott’s most recent book, Gay Men and Feminist Women in the Fight for Equality: “What Did You Do During the Second Wave, Daddy?” (Cultural Media Studies), was published in November 2020.

In the classroom, Dr. Scott likes to employ various teaching methods such as experiential learning. He does this by utilizing field trips, study abroad, activities, debates, and so forth to create meaningful experiences for his students. 

Learn more about Dr. Travers Scott and the Communication Department below!



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