Meet the Department: Marianne Glaser

February 9, 2021

Although we may be limited in our interactions, we definitely do not want to be strangers. Our Meet the Department series hopes to introduce you to our faculty and staff that support our undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Communication.

Meet: Marianne Glaser

Marianne Glaser

The next faculty member we would like to introduce you to is Professor Marianne Glaser, Senior Lecturer.

Professor Glaser grew up in Clemson, graduated with two degrees from Clemson University, met her husband at Clemson, and still loves everything about Clemson, especially the Clemson family. The thing Professor Glaser loves the most about Clemson is the students. She looks forward to helping her students not only improve academically, but also  improve their self confidence. When teaching, she looks for a student’s willingness to learn and their critical thinking skills. To succeed in her class students need to be involved, ask questions, and communicate.

When talking about online classes Professor Glaser likes facing the challenge of online classes but is ready for in person classes to start. Professor Glaser loves teaching in person because she likes to have a very active class.

If a student needs a little more help than others Professor Glaser will reach out to help the student as long as they will put effort in as well. Professor Glaser is not only interested in supporting her students academically but also ensuring they are supporting in their personal lives.

Finally, some advice that Professor Glaser gives to students is to be engaged in whatever club or activity Clemson has to offer and to branch out of their comfort zone.  Professor Glaser thinks Clemson is a special place and students need to take advantage of everything it has to offer. 

Learn More about Professor Glaser below!


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