Meet the Department: Madison VanWelleghen

October 4, 2021

Although we may be limited in our interactions, we definitely do not want to be strangers. Our Meet the Department series hopes to introduce you to our faculty and staff that support our undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Communication.

Meet: Madison VanWalleghen

Today we would like to introduce one of our newest staff members, Madison VanWalleghen. Madison is a lecturer in the Department of Communication who is teaching Intro to Human Communication this year.

Madison is new to South Carolina being that she got her Bachelors in Communications at Dakota Wesleyan University and her Masters in Communication and Media Studies from South Dakota State University. Although Madison is new to Clemson, the small town life is nothing new to her. The quaint community of Clemson is actually similar to the town that she grew up in.

Madison is a young professor and considers this an advantage because she was in the shoes of her students very recently. She understands the struggles of college and is there to help students navigate and balance everything in order to succeed.

Watch the video below to learn more about Madison VanWalleghen and her experience at Clemson so far.



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