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October 10, 2023

Meet Alice Scarbrough, the Department of Communication’s Student Services Coordinator.

Alice started working for the Department of Communication in May 2023. 

As the Student Services Coordinator, her role is to build out the schedule for semesters, help with student questions, course requests, and any work with the undergraduate coordinator, Dr. Lori Pindar,  along with the departmental advisor for both major programs, Ms. Kaela Gardner.

Alice is originally from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where her parents own a local variety shop that sells books and gifts. Alice graduated from Winona State University with a B.A. last December and moved to South Carolina two months later. Her goal was to work at Clemson because she had visited the campus a few times before as her partner had family there, and quickly fell in love with how welcoming everyone was!

Prior to working at Clemson University, Alice worked a full-time job at a social services agency for two years. The agency provided Safe Visitation services and programs for children and their families who have been separated due to Child Protection Services intervention. Alice was part-time for one year as a Monitor and Tracker, and was then promoted to the full-time role of Safe Visitation Supervisor for her second year while being a full-time student. Alice’s mentor was the supervisor prior to her, who encouraged her to apply to the position as she transitioned into a different role. This role helped her with her professional development and she learned valuable time management skills. “It’s very important to prioritize certain things so that you can be the best version of yourself,” she emphasized.

In her prior role  she met her most impactful mentor that she notes was there for her in every way. Her mentor wanted her to succeed and answered any questions that Alice had. The best lesson that Alice learned from her mentor was to not be afraid to ask questions, as they will help further your career.

Alice maintains a healthy work-life balance by making sure to get everything done that she needs to do for the day before planning out time for herself. She also makes sure to know when to say no to things that she doesn’t necessarily have time for. Her only challenges thus far at work have been getting to know everything that she needs to know for the job, however, with such welcoming co-workers, she has been able to learn quickly!

If you’re ever looking for Alice, you can find her in her office at Strode 401!

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