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October 3, 2023

Meet Carrie Watkins, the Department of Communication’s Office Manager and Assistant to the Chair. 

Carrie started working for the Department of Communication in August 2023.

As the Office Manager, her role is to know all of the ins and outs of the department, deal with time cards and paychecks and to help with the hiring process for faculty, staff, and students.

As Assistant to the Chair, her role is to help the Chair out with anything they need–and while it usually requires  scheduling meetings or signing/filling out paperwork, Carrie also keeps a pulse on the department and its people, cultivating an open, friendly, and productive environment for everyone.

Prior to joining Clemson University, Carrie owned two businesses– a Women’s Boutique and a Dance Studio! Carrie’s mentor, Marcie Cope, ran the Dance Studio before her. Carrie credits Marcie with teaching her how to be personable with people and how to run a business.

In the time between owning a business and joining the department, Carrie took some time off to be a mother of two beautiful children. She re-entered the workforce in a part-time banking role  which helped her with the transition from motherhood to her now full-time job at Clemson.

Carrie emphasizes that in your early 20’s, you may have no idea where you are going to end up career wise. In fact, Carrie went to school for medical assisting, but quickly realized during her clinicals that this was not for her. Her decade’s worth of experience running two businesses showed her that she greatly prefers working in an office environment.

If you’re ever looking for Carrie, you can find her in her office at Strode 408, which is decorated delightfully! Stop by to say hello and know that you’ll definitely leave with a smile.

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