“Swaying the audience: Postural precursors of motion sickness”

March 21, 2016

Hi everyone!

Please join us this Friday (March 25th) at 2:00pm in Brackett 419 for a very exciting guest speaker, L. James (Jay) Smart, Jr., Ph.D
from Miami University!

“Swaying the audience: Postural precursors of motion sickness”

Synopsis: In recent years there has been increasing evidence that motion sickness should be thought of as a movement disorder rather than a perceptual disorder. Previous research (Smart et al. 2014) has shown that the postural sway of people who will eventually become motion sick exhibit different sway patterns than people who remain well prior to symptoms. Our current research is examining whether there is something inherently disruptive about these sway patterns and can they be used to predict motion sickness in real time

K14814 Dr. Leonard Smart Faculty Profile

L. James (Jay) Smart, Jr., Ph.D Associate Professor at Miami University

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