Emeritus College

Stringer, Bill

Dr. Bill Stringer, Professor Emeritus of Agronomy and Soils, retired in 2011. Dr. Stringer is passionate about native plants and gave a seminar entitled: Native Plants: Good Habitat for People and Animals to the Emeritus College faculty in 2017. He also has been bringing attention to the  decommissioning of some of the recreation areas in SC.  Bill is leading the effort to preserve Parks Mill in McCormick County.  This 12.8 acre site on Stevens Creek received permanent protected status through the efforts of the SC Native Plant Society, Naturaland Trust, and the Upper Savannah Land Trust.  This site is important for its large population of Rocky Shoals Spider Lily (Hymenocallis coronaria), a rare and beautiful native plant that grows in shoaly waters of Piedmont streams.  It only occurs in a very few places in South Carolina, and the Parks Mill site was the last significant unprotected population in SC until 2016.  In addition, there is a historic, largely intact, but non-functional, water-powered grist mill. For more information, see http://scnps.org/activities/rocky-shoals-spider-lily-preservation-project.

Published Writing Details: Working on publishing the next issue of The Journal of The South Carolina Native Plant Society.  To see past issues, click HERE

Teaching/Advising Details: October 2017- Taught a course in Native Grass ID for the Native Plant Society/Botanical Garden’s Native Plant Course of Study program.  Click HERE to learn more.