Emeritus College


Emeritus College Offers a Varied Program Schedule for Emeritus Faculty, the University and the Community! 


Older man and woman standing behind podium
Paula and Jorge Photo by Barry G. Richards

During the first two months of 2020, the Emeritus College has had a robust programming schedule with options for everyone. Our musical events took us on a Musical Journey through the Americas from Rio de Janeiro to New Orleans (Dr. Paula Heusinkveld, Professor Emerita of Languages and Jorge Medina) to the Classical Guitar with Yuji Kishimoto, Professor Emeritus of Architecture.


Well-renowned chemist, Dr. Mary Virginia Orna offered a seminar on “How Color Changed the World” which traced the history of color usage as a chemical endeavor from the earliest records to the present day. Dr. Leigh Anne Clark, Professor of Genetics and Biochemistry, provided a wonderful session on her research in canine inherited diseases. Local Author, Vince Jackson, presented his research on Clemson’s Little John Grill. A Clemson landmark where many famous musicians preformed and was important in the elimination of Jim Crow Law in South Carolina. Dr. John Meriwether, Professor Emeritus of Physics and Astronomy, held a insightful and informative seminar on his

Vince holding copy of book
Vince Jackson Photo by: Barry G. Richards

climate change research and findings. The French language has played an important role in Dr. John Bednar’s, Professor Emeritus of Languages, and we were lucky to have him share his experiences both with the language and the country of France.


For participants that wanted a more hands-on approach to learning, the  College held workshops on Genealogy with Sylvia Thomas,  English Dance with Dr. Jamison (Professor Emeritus of Mathematical Sciences), Self-Publishing with Dr. Fred Sias (Professor Group English DancingEmeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering), Talking and Playing Video Games with Your Grandkids with Dr. Brian Malloy, Associate Professor Emeritus of Computer Science, and a lunch discussion with Ed Arnold, Professor Emeritus of Languages, about his interactions and friendships built in East Germany through pen pal letters.


All this and only two months into the year!! Click HERE for more information regarding upcoming events or visit the EC Website or University Calendar.