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Professor Emeritus Named SFS Fellow!

John Morse, Professor Emeritus of Entomology, Named SFS Fellow


The Society for Freshwater Science (SFS) is an international organization whose members study freshwater organisms, biotic communities, physical processes that affect ecosystem function, linkages between freshwater ecosystems and surrounding landscapes, habitat and water quality assessment, conservation and restoration.

SFS fosters the exchange of scientific information among its membership, and with other professional societies, resource managers, policymakers, educators, and the public.

SFS advocates for the use of best-available science in policymaking and management of freshwater ecosystems.

Clemson Professor Emeritus of Entomology, Dr. John Morse, has been named a 2021 SFS Fellow. Dr. John Morse is an internationally renowned caddisfly systematist studying the identification, biology and evolution of Trichoptera worldwide since 1967. He is a SFS Distinguished Service Awardee and a founder and Co-chair of the SFS Taxonomic Certification Committee. He maintains the frequently cited Trichoptera World Checklist. He and his 42 former graduate students have investigated the identification, ecology, and distribution of other aquatic insects, also, and the use of insect communities to monitor water pollution. He has taught courses on these topics at Clemson University, the Highlands Biological station in North Carolina, in several other states ad in 10 Asian countries for more than 46 years.