A Day with McLaren Automotive

October 3, 2018

On September 6, the Erwin Center had the opportunity to host our partner McLaren Automotive on Clemson University’s campus through this semester’s Creative Inquiry project in brand communications. This was a great opportunity for the Creative Inquiry class to participate in and learn more about the cars and the McLaren brand as they begin their projects conducting research and creating strategy for this incredible company.

McLaren Automotive brought three custom Orange cars made to Clemson and gave students in the class a unique chance to experience a ride in the supercar hosted by both alum Andy Thomas, VP of Marketing and Communications and Abe Quigley, the Regional Marketing Manager for the Eastern Region. Our students were all smiles as they experienced the true feeling that comes from riding in a McLaren and gained valuable insight to kickstart their projects. To see some firsthand footage of this event, check out our vlog below by Creative Inquiry student Peyton Marion!

One of the most special aspects of this event was the exposure that the Erwin Center and this Creative Inquiry gained to students from all across campus. Throughout the whole day, students surrounded the cars, taking pictures and asking questions about the Erwin Center, our classes and this specific project. Not only was this a super fun day for all involved, but it gave students a chance to learn more about the Erwin Center and hear about our classes, initiatives and upcoming speaker series.

We also had a few special visitors, Joe Erwin, the Co-Founder for the Erwin Center, the Clemson Tiger and members from Clemson Cheer, come out to support us!

We want to thank Andy Thomas and Abe Quigley for traveling from New York to allow this special experience for Clemson University students and can’t wait to welcome you back in October!

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