Meet Jordyn Schirripa!

October 2, 2018

Jordyn graduated Clemson in 2018 with a Communication degree and a Brand Communications minor. She is currently running her own Wedding Photography Business, Jordyn Schirripa Photography, that she started in July. 

Throughout her time at Clemson, she took almost every Erwin Center class that was offered. Some of her favorite classes include Brand Creation & Communication with Andy Mendelson, Brand Strategy with Roger Beasley and Survey of Brand Communications with Lisa Papenfus. She also participated in “Communicating Clemson,” an Erwin Center Creative Inquiry.

Her favorite course, although she admitted was difficult at times, was Roger Beasley’s Brand Strategy course. This course taught her so much about content creation and the critical thinking involved in creating strong strategies and pitching ideas. She had the opportunity to work on a brand strategy project for Spinx Convenience Stores from the beginning strategizing phase through the creative process and eventually to the prevention stage. Her team presented their project to the President and CEO of Spinx, which she describes as “a real life project that gave me experience and confidence to help me succeed with future endeavors – and was more creative & fun than most assignments I had throughout my education.”

Looking back, Jordyn could not be happier she decided to major in Communication and minor in Brand Communications. Through her Brand Communications minor, she was able to cultivate skills in creative thinking, strategizing, content creation, presenting and team building that she says she would not have acquired otherwise. Jordyn’s Erwin Center classes ended up being her favorite courses throughout her undergraduate education and allowed her to work on various real life projects with companies and brands outside of Clemson.  

On Clemson’s Communication Department, she described it as having “some of the best, most relatable and encouraging professors I’ve ever met, which made learning and growing in my communication and creative skills fun and worthwhile. I use tons of skills I learned in these courses in order to administer tasks, communicate with clients and market my photography business successfully and effectively.”  

Jordyn has taken her communication and creative skills into the real world, where she wears many hats as Creator, Owner and Photographer of her own company. Now that she is full time, throughout her week she shoots photography sessions, sorts and edits pictures from engagement sessions, bridal portraits and weddings and meets with clients for consultations. She also works with small businesses and other entrepreneurs on creative side projects. Her weekends are filled with one or more wedding shoots, which she largely manages herself. She loves to focus on wedding and engagement photography, however, she is also a portrait photographer and loves taking senior pictures, headshots and fashion shots when she has the time and availability. 

Jordyn is a testament to the unparalleled educational offerings that The Erwin Center for Brand Communications provides. We are so proud to call this creative and successful entrepreneur one of our own!


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