Week in Review at the Erwin Center

October 2, 2018

Check out what our Social Content and Strategy class is doing this semester….

Last week, the Social Content and Strategy class, taught by Nigel Robertson, had the privilege of meeting their client for the semester, the South Carolina National Guard. The Guard is coming to Erwin Center students with a need for a new social strategy, one that more clearly defines their message and unique proposition to prospective students interested in serving. The Guard is unique in that their soldiers aren’t just soldiers – they’re also citizens who are doctors, lawyers and teachers but choose to put on their uniforms one weekend a month to serve their community. They have a mission to continuously serve their state and are looking for strong leaders in high school to begin recruiting. The Erwin Center students were asked to define what they see the Guard’s brand is, where it currently sits and where they can take it, as well as create a social strategy that puts the Guard in the conversation of those considering service. In defining how young students listen to the Guard’s message and what they have to offer, the class aims to come up with a simple and relatable messaging strategy across their social platforms.

On September 28, The Erwin Center hosted Ben Nemo, Operating Partner of Argonne Capital Group and Board Member for The Krystal Company and On the Border, for our September Speaker Series. Among many teachable moments in his career, he talked about how in his first nine months working with Krystal, he has helped implement a new management team, define the strategic objectives for the company to grow and reposition the brand with its new “Live a Little” campaign to celebrate the energy and connection driven by its iconic burger. Our students gained valuable insight from the numerous successes he has made in the fast food branding industry, as well as his advice to stay open minded towards trying new things. Having originally started his career in the financial sector, he stressed the importance of knowing yourself and what makes you happy to land your dream job – as well as not being afraid to make major career changes. We are so grateful to Mr. Nemo for coming to Clemson for the day and the great interactive presentation and insight he gave to many students!

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