New Resource for Faculty – A Library Guide Containing Links to Materials and Resources on Faculty Development

As you (faculty) matriculate through your career, you will need to continually increase your knowledge,  evolve your skills, and perhaps even shift your focus areas. To help you, the Clemson Libraries now offers a guide that highlights faculty resources (click here).  This makes it easier for you to locate books  that provide productivity tips for those in early career, perspectives on navigating mid-career faculty experience, leadership and management, teaching effectiveness, productivity and time management, writing, publishing and presenting, creative and critical thinking.  In addition, the guide also showcases  journals with recent students related to faculty success, persistence, etc.  The resources are organized both by type and faculty career stage as defined here:

  • Early career: faculty who have not yet finished their probationary years of employment
  • Mid career: between the end of probationary years and 7-10 yrs prior to retirement
  • Late career: less than 7-10 years before retirement



This resource was put together by Suzanne Rook Schilf and the Office of Faculty ADVANCEment.  Suzanne Rook Schilf is Head of the Teaching & Learning Department at the Clemson Libraries. Teaching & Learning librarians and staff provide reference and research services, teach information literacy, develop collections, and engage with all college departments through the liaison program.  Suzanne has advanced her career at Clemson and enjoys helping faculty and students learn research strategies and tools that will save time and make their lives easier.  Her favorite part about working at the Libraries is the opportunity to work with great colleagues and always learn something new.