Resources to Comply with New Teaching Evaluations Requirements Avalilable

Following the recommendation from the Scholastic Policies Committee (see agenda item #4, Jan 2022) and the subsequent Faculty Senate Resolution, several changes related to the Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness were implemented in the 2023 Faculty Manual.

Recognizing that the effective Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness requires  a multifaceted and diversified approach, Clemson University has recently adopted a model where the evaluation of teaching must include feedback from instruction and course evaluation forms completed by students. It must also comply with [Chapter VI§F2K.], where no single quantifier from these forms may substitute for a wide-ranging review of the responses (Chapter V§E2e), and where at least two of the following metrics must be included (Chapter VI§F2Ki):

  1. Evidence-based measurements of student learning (such as pre- and post-testing or student work samples) that meet defined student learning outcomes.
  2. Evaluation (by peers and/or administrators) of course materials, learning objectives, and examinations.
  3. In-class visitation by peers and/or administrators.
  4. A statement by the faculty member describing the faculty member’s methods and/or a teaching philosophy.
  5. Exit interview/surveys with current graduates/alumni.
  6. Additional criteria as appropriate for the discipline and degree level of the students.
  7. A statement by the faculty member of methods or philosophy that also describes and documents how feedback from student rating of course experiences or evaluation instruments above were used to improve teaching.

In this context, the OFFICE of FACULTY ADVANCEment has assembled a number of resources related to effective teaching evaluation that can be used during this initial (transitional) period.  The repository aims to help both faculty and administrators understand why this new approach may reduce biases in teaching evaluations of faculty and how other universities have implemented similar multi-faceted teaching assessment programs. While this is a work-in-progress and we are routinely updating the information, the available material serves as the initial steps related to the implementation of the new requirements and provides an opportunity to offer feedback related to both content and format.

The material is currently available in a Canvas page and Clemson faculty can request access by visiting this URL: